Camco Manufacturing, Inc. 

I worked with many different print web materials as a graphic designer at CAMCO. I designed flyers for new products and coupon pages or flyers for magazines. I also worked on packaging materials. *Along with daily marketing materials. I worked on the company's catalog. This included layout design, requesting photos, retrieving/writing description text, and working with all of the executives for approval. Check out the new product section of the catalog HERE

The process would usually begin with the creative manager giving me some sketches to build from, and I would then create a mockup. Sometimes I would need specific photos, and that would mean me working with the photographs to get the shot that I wanted. Then I would go back for feedback, and I work on multiple iterations that we could pick and choose.

The deliverables included printed flyers, and in the cases of web ads they would be formatted and sent out.

8”x11” flyers 

new products coupon booklet 

water filter packaging