Design Process

I lead my design process with the users in mind.
I aim to create products that are easy to use and that the user wants to use.

1 Empathy & Discovery

  • Objective: Understand requirements, understand the user environment, solve within a problem space, and review case studies. Get to know the user and start conducting in-depth research.
  • Outcomes: User personas, scenarios, journey maps

2 Research

  • Objective: Investigate competitor approaches, research similar existing features, and analyze the latest trends and design principles. Make goals, and define product features and scope of work.
  • Outcomes: Secondary research, competitive testing and analyzing, surveys

3 Design

  • Objective: Generating ideas, brainstorming, and retaining feedback from stakeholders. Using research and project objectives, build an engaging and desirable user experience to help achieve goals by creating wireframes and prototypes and preparing design specs.
  • Outcomes: Wireframes, hi-fi prototypes, and user flows. In addition: brand guidelines and detailed specs and rules of user interactions.

4 Build

  • Objective: Hand designs off to developers to code, and the development team builds the back end and connects it with the user interface.
  • Outcomes: Build the experience, QA/UAT testing, begin usability testing of prototypes with potential users of a system

5 Evaluate

  • Objective: Once the product is released and used, we can review its performance, get feedback, and improve based on user needs and business goals.
  • Outcomes: easy to use, flexible, provides solutions to the users' problems, user feedback, finds areas of improvement