Undergraduate Research Proposal

Today native languages are in danger of dying out, and with them first Americans’ traditions. In 2005 the Cherokee Preservation Foundation and Education Program of the Eastern Band of Cherokee funded a survey whose results indicated that 460 fluent speakers were then living in Cherokee communities, 72% of them over the age of fifty and elder speakers passing more quickly than new speakers were emerging. The Foundation has invested heavily in language preservation: curriculum development, teaching materials, post-secondary degree programs, community-based language programs, speaker gatherings, and language symposiums to name a few.My work documents the design process, the actual games, market feasibility research and user testing processes that have taken place since the class ended. The games will be presented to faculty at the Cherokee Central High School located in Cherokee, North Carolina, and to the ImagiNations Activity Center at the Museum of the Native American in Washington, D.C. later this spring.