As a UX/UI Researcher and Designer, I am primarily responsible for designing, conducting research, and documenting user-centered design research and usability testing. My primary responsibilities include identifying the needs of users through observational studies, persona builds, wireframing and prototyping, interviews, survey writing and conduction, and analysis. I also coordinate, conduct, and moderate usability research through literature reviews and in the field and provide recommendations for improvement after determining user needs. 
With experience in both family-run businesses, state employment, and international corporations, I am comfortable working with a wide variety of professional partnerships. My thesis involves designing a system to help project management software to become more efficient and accessible to cross-functioning teams within an agile workplace environment. 
I offer a combination of field knowledge and attention to detail. As a designer, my goal is to communicate a message through visuals. I design with the users best interest in mind. I push myself to go beyond the bounds to accept challenges and put myself in positions where I will always have the opportunity to learn something new. For me, graphic design is more than making an identity. It is a field where creativity and individuality come together to make each piece a topic of discussion and reflection. I am always looking to meet new people and take on a challenge to create something innovative!​​​​
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