The focus of this project was about introducing machine learning into a retail space. The research question was: how might a retail space leverage machine learning to produce personalized, efficient, useful consumer interactions that allay to user concerns? What role would an employee play in supporting such positive experiences?
The process included different kinds of research including store observations and interviews, creating personas and scenarios, benchmarking other retail spaces, creating an AI hopes and fears matrix. We also made "as is" and "to be" User Journey Maps. From there we began sketching and creating storyboards of initial concepts. With the feedback from our sponsors, we made rough ideas and did conduct user testing and hi-fi prototypes that could then used in our scenario video. 
The deliverable included the idea, all of the work of the project, suggest key features, and a scenario video to finish. We also considered some wider implications that included how customers associate the store with expedited service in urgent situations and their understanding of customer needs and priorities. Ideally, the stores would benefit from greater customer loyalty because of the expedited service. We also wanted to create a more meaningful, informed interaction with team members. In the store, employees would be “super” informed about the customer they are helping, the car they drive, the car problem, and the item they are looking. During our reflection, we considered a few more ideas that we could to incorporate to make the in-store relationship continue. (1) Thinking of different ways that Auto as an ecosystem could establish meaningful interactions across media (in store vs. out of the store) (2) Something that we focused on as a group was this idea of a super fast interaction that was highly impactful and efficient, and we explored it through a virtual assistant but how could that be expanded? Humans are working with machines to create meaningful interactions (working together) (3) Pushing the envelope when it comes to virtual agents in a retail space, how do we make people comfortable using virtual assistants in a retail space.

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