My Master of Graphic Design studio focused on design workshops. At the end of the semester, we created a "final thing" where we could either expand on one of the workshop projects that we wanted to research further or combine parts of multiple workshops that we liked and create something from it. ​​​​​​​
Part 1: Synthesis
I chose to narrow down my investigation because I wanted to further explore the details of aggregation curation and an individual’s change of behavior. I stand behind the idea that marking something off a list makes you feel happier while staying organized will be a benefactor in leading you to your set goal.

I decided upon the final thing because of the ideas that stemmed from the aggregation curation workshop when trying to design a customizable tool for the user to “buy a house.” Then after the Dan Ariely Workshop and the back and forth discussion of what to develop the application around for financial assistance I found that people of all ages could benefit from a budget platform that can be customizable for the user. After narrowing down the scope of the idea, I decided to focus on young adults. Through the organizational process of list making, young adults can learn how to budget their finances and plan for the future in a healthy and organized way.

I decided to combine two different workshops. One of the workshops was about taking a linear list and designing ways for it to be non-linear. The other workshop was lead by Dan Ariely and his team at Duke. This workshop looked at the internal process of an application for mentor/mentee interactions during the job search process.
Part 2: The Final Thing 
I designed a budgeting platform for teachable moments in a young adult’s life. It is
intended to be a learning tool for young adults being cut loose financial into the world
of spending. It covers three specific tasks: 
1. Monitoring spending history and income 
2. Helping budgeting with financial goals
3. Tracking peer activity and help motivate you and your friends to meet their goal

Name: Jane Button, Female, 19 years old, a college student. 
Hobbies: Shopping, going to the movies, volunteering for the Salvation Army,
Personality: Outgoing, caring, spontaneous
About:  A young adult in college. She has some savings and is getting help from her parents, but she knows that she tends to spend if she doesn’t keep track of her money. Even with a part-time job and scholarship to help cover some of her expenses, she wants
to make sure she sets financial goals for herself in case of emergencies and for the best college experience.
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