Create a provocative study that asks us to think critically about our relationship to conversational user interface (CUI). Be sure to pick one attribute to explore deeply. Consider this study a catalyst for discussion and debate around CUI, the attribute you have chosen, and the user’s relationship to both.
Diagram of States
A prototype or slideshow that demonstrates how the user would engage with a conversation using the conversational interface.

The human can't sleep because they have a lot on their mind. They want to "unload" it all to be arranged and out of their so they can rest. 
*taps the watch screen to start a conversation* 
AI: What can I help you with? 
User: I have a lot on my mind, can you help me? 
AI: Yes, that's why I am here. I am listening. 
User: So this week I need to go grocery shopping. I need to get a salad, pasta, fried chicken, ice cream, and bananas. I need to make a Dr's appointment for Wednesday at 3pm...oh and don't forget to send my sister a birthday text at midnight, so I can be the first one to wish her a happy birthday... 
AI:  Is there anything else I can help you with? 
User: Yes, remind me to go and sign up for yoga classes when I am downtown  
AI: you got it. Can I do anything else for you?
User: That's all for now. I'll tap if something else comes to mind. I'll be here. Goodnight.
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