*project in progress* 

Senzit Connect​​​​​​​ is for the Head of Maintenance (HoM), who is responsible for the maintenance of 1 or more vehicles in the fleet of a home/family, Senzit Connect is a digital application that provides the user insights into the maintenance of the partnered vehicles so that the user can conveniently understand the needs of the vehicles and maximize the cost efficiency and uptime of that vehicle.
Unlike FIXD, dash, or Spiffy our product allows the user to generate a custom maintenance schedule for their vehicles that will generate alerts when the customer is approaching the terminal point of the metric.
As a part of my initial study, I developed personas that helped me to understand and capture specific behaviors in a realistic way and find my target audience.
User Journey Maps
The user journey map helped me walk through the users’ experience and gauge their feelings and perceptions of the designed scenario. The process of creating problems and finding solutions opened my eyes to problem areas where I found angles for design intervention.
User Flow

Design Iterations
Throughout my process, I developed multiple iterations of screens beginning with wireframes to future vision of the product. This process is still continuing as we are still in the pilot phase of Senzit Connect. 
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